Candi Borobudur in Central Java

It is a misnomer but Candi (temple) Borobudur is actually in Magelang, Central Java and not in Yogyakarta, which is about an hour away. This temple compound was built in the 9th century CE under the Buddhist Sailendra Dynasty. The structure has since undergone several restorations. Aside from tourists, Candi Borobudur attracts hundreds of pilgrims worldwide.

There are public buses from Yogyakarta which you can take to go to Borobudur. Bus fare is 10,000 to 15,000 Rp and travel time is one hour. The bus' last stop is at the foot of the hill where Borobudur is located so no need to worry about getting lost. From the terminal you can walk straight to the temple but if you're feeling a little lazeeey, there are lots of becak (trishaw) around the terminal which can take you there. Be warned though, the becak drivers will charge tourists higher than the normal 5,000 Rp fare. The last bus leaves the terminal at 5:00 pm for Yogyakarta. So the best time to go to Borobudur is in the morning!

Entrance fee:

Foreigners - 250, 000 Rp (~ 25 USD)
Student-Foreigners - 120,000 Rp (~ 12 USD)
Locals - 12,000 Rp (~ 1.5 USD)

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